XYZ Classes

The vital thing to know about an XYZ class is it feels different, very different. It’s a world away from the traditional sports performance model served up by gyms. We are a club with a club feeling. We focus on pleasure, not pain. We know that fun motivates faster than fear. We stimulate your senses in mysterious ways.

XYZ featured class

GROW YOUNG - Want to feel the energy of being Born to Move but at a steadier pace then this is the ride for you. More recovery time, an extra weight track, steadier pace and the option to ride with increased resistance. GROW YOUNG with XYZ.

BORN TO MOVE - Release, recharge and regain control through an intense cardio workout, XYZ style. 50 minutes.

BUDDY RIDE - Inject your ride with an extra dose of happiness, by sharing the joy and bringing a riding companion on us. 50 minutes.

Each class casts its own addictive spell. Each instructor has a magical way of helping you to summon the superhero within. The one thing that all the classes have in common is a cardio-intensive, calorie-burning, full-body conditioning workout with weights if you want to tone that upper body too.

Come into our cave.
Take a class.
Be a part of something bigger than yourself.